What is Found Sound?

Found Sound may be as simple as exploring various sounds, textures, and patterns; from using our own body (clapping, foot stomping, tapping lap, voice), to pots/pans, coffee cans, water bottles, spoons or anything else found in our everyday lives. 

Found sound also allows for exploration of sounds that occur in our environment, either naturally outside, like birds, wind, leaves, crickets, or sounds in our indoor environment phone ringing, PA system sounds, fridge whirring, and clock ticking.

 What is Soundwork for Schoolwork?

  • employs music to enhance Kindergarten/Primary math, science and literacy

  • experiential, hands-on approach where math, science and literacy concepts are applied and reinforced through Music, via World Instruments and Found Sound

  •  assist and enhance the learning of patterning, counting, grouping, division/multiplication, exploration of the science of sound vibration and sound physics, storytelling through soundscapes etc…




World Instruments featured:

  • African Hand Drums
  • Indian Shruti Box
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Middle Eastern Drums
  • shakers and hand percussion instruments from Africa and the Caribbean
  • And so much more!

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What is Soundwork?

Facilitated by a Sound Practitioner, with the use of voice, musical instruments and/or found sound objects.

 Soundwork can be used to:

  • promote and support well-being
  • encourage imagination
  • improve coordination
  • increase self-confidence
  • stimulate better focus and concentration

Exploration of sound and music opens doors to

imagination, abstract and critical thinking,

and allows for a different approach to

learning math, science and literacy.