Workshop Options

*One workshop is 1 school period, per class*

**4 workshop series are once a week at a

pre-determined day/time for

4 consecutive weeks**

Soundwork for

Math, Science and Literacy:
4 workshop series

Exploration for World Music:

single workshop


 4 workshop series

Co-Create your own Soundwork Experience:
single workshop
 4 workshop series

  • catered to the needs and interests of a class using World Instruments and/or Found Sound.

  •  eg) Creating a Found Sound Composition using Recycled materials for Earth Week, OR Storytelling Soundscape based on story being studied in class  etc…

The Possibilities are Endless!


Soundwork for Schoolwork


Your School!

Kindergarten & Primary Program

For more information or to book a workshop:

Workshop Pricing

Single Workshop
$3 per student
(HST Incl.)

4 Workshop Series
$8 per student
(HST Incl.)

Hands-On, In-Class Workshops

In a Soundwork for Schoolwork workshop, the history or background

of any world instruments presented

will be touched upon.

And depending on the length and breadth of the workshops

(1 class period alone or series of reoccurring dates/class periods)

students may also have an

opportunity to make a

Found Sound Instrument,

help create their own composition

or storytelling soundscape.

Teachers can choose from the list of

set workshops or request a

customized workshop that will cater to the particular needs of a class and course work that is being taught where music can enhance learning. 

(eg: a demonstration of

Middle Eastern/Egypt style frame drumming will enhance your

unit on Ancient Egypt)