In basic physics, when a strong vibration comes in contact with a weaker vibration, the stronger one will pull the other weaker one towards its pulse.  This causes the vibrations to “sync up” and become harmonious. 

So it is with Soundwork for wellness.  Vibrations from instruments like a drum, a Tibetan bowl, tuning forks, human voice, or didgeridoo can make your body cells vibrate at a higher level, shifting your energy and state of mind.  You have more positive thoughts. Your body relaxes enough to become “in sync”.  You progress toward healing yourself both physically and emotionally. 

 Wellness from sound can be as simple as feeling more energized and joyful when you listen to a favourite song, or physically relaxing after a stressful day when you hear the lapping waves at the beach. 

Sound can also be incorporated by a Soundwork Practitioner along side other Natural Healing modalities like Reiki, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy, to complement the healing process.  Soundwork is a truly holistic treatment.  It can assist in the wellness of your body, mind, spirit and soul.

Working with sound for wellness has the capacity to affect you in ways that other methods of healing cannot. It helps you reach inwards.  It is a healing process without talk.

Soundwork For Wellness
By Andrea Smith, BFA, BAA, CNHP

For centuries, cultures all over the world have used the healing benefits of sound. Sound eases and soothes a variety of physical and emotional ailments. Medicine men with rattles, Tibetan Monks with singing bowls, or Shamanic Drumming are just a few examples.  Medical and scientific communities have recently begun to recognize sound as a tool for healing.
As a healing modality, sound is based on the concept of RESONANCE. Resonance means that everything has an energetic vibration including: your human body, your brain, bones, organs, nervous system, muscles and so on.  Based on this concept, it is when some part of you is ‘out-of-sync’ or not vibrating as it should, that you get discomfort, disease and/or disharmony.  When you have a headache, flu, insomnia, grief, anxiety or any other ailment, for example, you are out of “vibration” and not feeling quite yourself.